The B4B Alliance® Business Story

Independently owned businesses are the backbone of the American Economy.

No one believes in this statement more than Jeff Davis. Jeff has owned, run and turned around businesses for three decades and is a lifelong student of business innovation. Jeff has dedicated the majority of his professional career to discovering new ways to improve business. In short… Jeff is a problem solver.

“Americas small businesses employ over half of our countries workers and are owned by some of the strongest, most caring and resilient individuals around.” They are our countries current pioneers” Jeff Davis

“ I started my first business in my garage, with a radial arm saw and a bundle of 2 x4’s!” Jeff went on to build that business to $28 Million dollar in annual revenues, operating in over 1 million square feet of facilities in the Midwest and Canada. His operations supplied numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Jeff quickly learned how important it was to have quality business relationships to learn from, bounce ideas off of, and gain support from in challenging times. “ I joined Vistage, (an International Group of CEO’s) over 20 years ago and I would never have survived in business, let alone grown, if it had not been for the knowledge and support I received from that group of individuals.”

Jeff has taken the value he has gained from sharing the challenges of business with other business owners and developed an expanded operating version. Sharing staff, equipment, and virtually every other part of a businesses assets, to both expand the capacity of one business while utilizing available capacity of another. “We have had amazing success with this model saving individual business owners tens of thousands of dollars and up to 80% of the cost of an asset by sharing resources among member companies.”

“This is the most exciting phase of my entrepreneurial business career. It supports all of the business values I believe in!”

The B4B Alliance members have over $400 Million dollars of revenues as a group and many are very active in the support of their community. “We are working as a group to assist developing entrepreneurs with startup businesses, young people interested in business careers, returning military veterans and community needs.”

The B4B Alliance® business model is available to business owners CEO’s and Presidents who are open to the concept of sharing and looking for ways to improve profitability, stability and growth. “The sharing model reduces the cost of your assets and expenses while increasing your capacity and profits.’’ The model transcends industry lines and can be implemented easily and seamlessly.

Our mission statement is simple: Strength through Sharing.