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Then, the QB endured a foot injury that required two surgeries. Some didn’t have the work ethic; others’ egos got in the way. Would you capture it, or just let it slip? Unfortunately, when a player is selected in the first- or second-round, there is much more pressure to perform or succeed, rather than the pressure placed on a player that is chosen in the sixth- or seventh-round. #askforhelp @TranscendSL #Grateful pic.twitter.com/9k6E4dQ3vW. The only quarterback on this list with a winning record, Grossman has been one of the most turnover-prone quarterbacks of recent memory. Avellini had plenty of chances to take the reigns as a starter, but proved that he just wasn’t ready to be a franchise quarterback. Deshaun Watson, HOU Texans. Akili Smith was drafted out of high school — not by the NFL, but by the Pittsburgh Pirates. NFL History NFL History; The best (and worst) NFL QBs at everything . We’ve looked back through the league’s history and picked out the quarterbacks we think have been overrated at large by organizations, media members, fans and fellow players. In college playing for Illinois, he set the NCAA record for most consecutive pass attempts without an interception (215). The Jaguars snatched him up and Henne will now serve as a back-up to the second-year pro, Blaine Gabbert. And that was their 35-32 win over Minnesota, when he completed 10 of 15 passes (66.7 percent). During the offseason, the Seahawks went out and signed former Packers back-up Matt Flynn to a contract. But honestly, I believe he is one of the league's worst quarterbacks. But he was somehow inducted into the New Orleans Saints ring of honor despite never having led any team to a winning season in his career. Though it was mainly due to the team's third-ranked defense, Grossman was able to help lead the Bears to Super Bowl XLI where they lost to the Indianapolis Colts, 29-17. As of 2019, Manning has made more than $235 million in salary, making him the second-highest-paid player in NFL history. To rewind quite a bit, the Bears tabbed Grossman with the 22nd overall pick in the 2003 draft. His career passing percentage of 59.5 isn’t great but, in the 10 playoff games he started, it was even worse, diving to 50.8 along with a playoff passer rating of 66.3. He amassed a career record of 96-49-1 as a starter and won a Super Bowl, landing him in the Hall of Fame, but a closer look at his numbers isn’t much to be excited about. He was diagnosed with a separated shoulder and had to undergo surgery. His overall record as a starter was 72-72 and his completion percentage of 52.5 leaves plenty to be desired. The next year, the Raiders drafted JaMarcus Russell, who you’ll be meeting later in this list…, Teams: Cincinatti Bengals, Oakland Raiders. Image via Complex Original/Peggy Khammanotham. The former Missouri Tiger was selected with the tenth-overall pick by Jacksonville in last year's draft. Anyway, when the Colts decided to start Curtis Painter, I was iffy about the situation. One of college football’s greatest passers was the golden boy from California, Matt Leinart. The quarterback, then of the Broncos, apparently took the NFL by storm after he was handed the starting reins after Kyle Orton played poorly to start the year. Some include lack of focus or failure to learn the system, while some have a mediocre supporting cast. Beck then signed with the Houston Texans to battle with T.J. Yates for the primary back-up role. Feeley, John Beck, Trent Green, Sage Rosenfels and a few others. He threw for 1,911 yards during that season, while also accumulating nine touchdowns and twelve interceptions. But I don't see that happening and he will remain as one of the league's worst quarterbacks. Eli Manning’s career stats are actually very good — with him throwing for 362 touchdowns ... Read more The Most Overrated Quarterbacks In NFL History It’s a demanding position that requires relentless individual preparation in order to be the field general on game day. You can’t pick a single stat from Troy Aikman’s career that jumps out as dreadful — but you can’t really pick one that makes it sound amazing, either. Thompson was out of football after six seasons. However, I fully believe that Robinson was a one-year wonder and I think he'll falter in Jacksonville. The NFL tends to makes its quarterbacks into mythical figures, especially if they have any reasonable level of success and longevity in the league. But he won't be able to do it in Miami, as the team decided not to re-sign him after the 2011 season was over. If you watched ESPN or SportsCenter at all last season, chances are you saw or heard someone talking about the infamous Tim Tebow. When the Houston Texans became a franchise in 2002, their first selection in the NFL Draft was Fresno State quarterback David Carr. Marinovich played just eight games in the NFL (all with the Raiders), and he finished with a 3-5 record. However, Jackson was sacked 42 times during the season for a league-worst 293 yards. His 85.4 quarterback rating was better than a number of quarterbacks including Brett Favre, Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco. Teams: Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens, Career Statistics: 0-8 W-L, 132-for-243 (51.7%), 1,624 passing yards, 6 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, 60.6 quarterback rating. 5 selection to take Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon, who was widely considered to be the best receiving prospect in the draft. Harrington finished with a 26-50 record, as well as 79 touchdowns and 85 interceptions. In their Week 11 match-up against Detroit, Quinn undoubtedly had the best game of his career, as he was also a part of one of the most exciting gun-slinging duels of recent memory. Carolina was a mediocre team in 2000, and they were still searching for a long-term solution at quarterback. Big mistake! Then in 1960, he returned to join the Denver Broncos in the expansion American Football League. Russell started one game in his rookie season, but 15 in his second year. Well, Andrew Walter let it slip. One of the Ducks most prolific offensive players of all-time, Harrington was buried on a poorly managed and coached Detroit Lions team for the first four seasons of his career. Because of his inconsistency and failure to properly use receivers Lee Evans and Terrell Owens, Bills fans starting calling him "Captain Checkdown". In the 2007 draft, Quinn was considered a top-five selection, but managed to slip all the way to 22nd by the Cleveland Browns. Quarterback is one of the most difficult positions to play in professional sports. During the process, Anderson completed just 56.5-percent of his passes, but he threw for 3,787 yards with 29 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. For Romeo Crennel's Browns, Quinn completed just 45 of 89 passes (50.6%) for 518 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions. During that span, Henne completed 274 of his 451 passes (60.8%) for 2,878 yards with 12 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. In seven starts, he has yet to yield a victory for his team but in his favor, the 2007 Dolphins and 2011 Redskins weren't great teams. Weinke won his first start with the Carolina Panthers as a rookie, then managed to lose 17-consecutive games as a starter, including a gap between starts that spanned from 2002 to 2006. John joins the FanBuzz team with five years of experience freelancing as a sports writer for TheDupes.net and Football.com. Teams: San Diego Chargers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys. He had a huge hand in the Panthers finishing with a 2-14 record, and Carolina saw enough of him in that one year to decide to draft his replacement — Cam Newton — just one year after taking Clausen. Hart threw 209 touchdowns in that span, which is over 70 touchdown passes more than any other quarterback in franchise history. A member of the Kentucky Wildcats Hall of Fame, Norton was drafted 2nd overall in the 1966 AFL Draft to play for the Miami Dolphins. - A quarterback must have at least eight total starts in the last four seasons. He signed a three-year, $9 million contract with Houston, but was beat out by Rex Grossman for the primary back-up gig. It may have had to do with him being a rookie, but I believe that's just the way he plays football. His work ethic was abysmal. Weinke was a Heisman winner at Florida State, and was given the chance to start 15 games in his rookie season, and he lost 14 of them. He showed that he has solid potential and I believe he can still play like that. The record setting college quarterback was highly touted, but he flopped right away in the NFL, failing his way to a 3-17 record in his two years as a starter. Clemens was selected with the 49th overall selection by the New York Jets, becoming the fourth quarterback off the board behind the three aforementioned players. Over the course of the league's run, we've seen undrafted free agents such as Wes Welker, James Harrison, Antonio Gates, Priest Holmes and Kurt Warner come in and completely dominate. Chargers lose winning TD catch on overturned call from booth review, Timberwolves reportedly favor James Wiseman with no. Expectations were high for Mirer, but he failed to live up to the hyp, only regressing further every year. He finished a 12-season career with just 124 touchdown passes and 23,301 passing yards, both of which keep him from elite status. Unless you happen to be relative of Kerry Collins or Jake Delhomme, it’s hard to believe anyone could think this designation would belong to anyone other than Cam Newton. Moreover, it's definitely not fair to put players like Dan LeFevour, Thaddeus Lewis, Ryan Mallett, Graham Harrell or John Parker Wilson on this list because even though they've been in the NFL for at least one year, none of those players have even attempted a pass. The #1 overall pick of the 2011 NFL Draft, Newton is the only quarterback in franchise history to be named to an All-Pro team (2015) and be selected to the Pro Bowl multiple times. Edwards was another one of those players, like Chad Henne, that I thought had a decent shot at becoming a quality quarterback at the professional level. In his first season in Arizona, Lindley finished the year with a 46.7 passer rating, having thrown seven interceptions and no touchdowns.

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