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The stoveless backcountry hunting food list - 2.0. Recently I added Carnation Instant breakfast to my meal plan. All photo credits: Brady Miller. Be advised cotton clothing does not wick away rain and sweat from the skin, it requires too much energy for you to get dry. Embrace the chaos, it is as much of a part of the game as getting old. It is part of the game, as i mentioned. (Garrison, MT)~ What do you ballistics guys think about the use of non-lead bullets for elk? If the weight limit allows, please bring one or two days extra food in case of bad weather. In total, I had 230.97 ounces in food + 13.95 ounces for the stove, cook pot, titanium spork and fuel + 5.3 ounces for shaker bottle = 250.22 ounces or 15.63 pounds. Total calories for the afternoon snack: 575. I strive to carry just about the exact amount of backpacking food that I will eat during my hunt, but I still find that I have a few things left over when I get back to base camp. We own and operate our own Aircraft. ", Guns I like for Elk, by Mountain Walker (Kootenays east B.C. Copyright © Vast Alaska. Thanks again! You will only become slightly miserable from it until you have a desirable outcome, which we provide. Most of the evenings after I get to camp I’m really never in the mood to sit down and make dinner when I'm hunting solo. But... shortly into my search for the perfect meals, I realized that my food weight actually decreased and my calorie intake went up. Also, to be seated o˚ the ground around camp while pounding freeze-dried food or co˚ee saves the back a bit and makes sheep hunting even more fun. Pair goretex or seal skin socks – these work really well to minimize, Sitka Boxers – or other brand synthetic shorts, Sport Hill 3SP Expedition Deep Woods Camo jacket – I use this as a, Note: Various brands of Wind Stopper Fleece also work very well as does, Therma Rest or compact closed cell foam pad, Wiggy’s 20 degree Lamilite sleeping bag with compression sack. Mostly due to glassing, making a stalk or waiting out a buck. Backpack Sheep Hunting Gear List. Temperatures generally range from 15-75 F. So much that you might have to make this shake twice. I don't spend a lot of money on fancy backpacking food. For 2018, I went with powdered MCT oil. While on a backcountry hunt, I just want to get the fuel I need for the day and go to sleep. We crossed water a couple times and damn it those fast creeks all have sharp rocks in them. you luck during your hunts and God bless! And now going stoveless, I'm packing 14.08 pounds for 10.5 days. I no longer have to wait to get my stove out, light it, boil the water, and then wait the required amount of time to cook the food before eating. Long Underwear – I like long underwear, I wear a pair or nothing for the hunting. (It has a blade for bone and one for wood). To me, food is fuel, not fun on a hunt. You really need to test what your body needs and what flavors you like best. List doesnt look to bad, a few changes I would make are: The Mini-B is a brand of personal locator beacon. While that is obviously not possible with some of the items I carry, it gave me the insight to work quite hard at reducing weight and items that I typically carried, but never actually used. Once again, all of these items are blended together at home. The table above showcases how many calories per ounce of weight for each food item, as well as the fats, proteins, and the carbohydrate contents of each item. smilies/biggrin.gif Just thought you might be interested. Ditch your underwear fetish, its wasted space, its your space we dont need to know. One of these days I'm gonna pick one up instead of taking my chances. 3’ wrapped around plastic container. Here are a few: Auction hunts. Elk and Deer Hunting and Mountain Bikes, by Skip Shepherd (Tucson, AZ)~ At 67 I am thinking a lot about investing in a mountain bike to get back into remote areas... Solo archery hunting -- tips for calling/set up?, by Idaho Steve Mangoes, Blueberries, Cherries, Raisins, Apricots...... "Wow, that was fast! It was a goal of mine to find quality calories. Especially the 160.22 calories per ounce of food average. My hunting partners could tell you how I got them to carry my water for me, as I would routinely have to ask for a sip or two before we got to a water source. : I have a 30 30 with 170 grain round nose bullet. As you know, WATER is the giver of life. I found that on some occasions, I wasn't drinking enough water because of it. P. Scott, (BC 2016) "I would like to thank my hunting partner for the great company & this website for the wealth of information that I have gleaned & also the gear bought as every bit of info etc. After plenty of backcountry trips, I noticed a common trend in what foods I ate and which ones I sometimes decided to skip. You guys are amazing!!!". Yes, it might sound a little crazy at first but it definitely has a list of benefits on early season hunts. And for those that asked, everything went through my body just fine. Silk or wool long-johns top and bottom, 1 pair. Now I take my both filter and tablets with me. (Alabama). Also, we have been around in the Chugach Range, I was born here. For 14 days, the concentrated protein will be needed. With this stoveless method, you start and end the day with the most calories. Roasted Macadamia nuts: 204 calories per ounce and also 19 grams of fat. On the other hand, Goat can hear your joke and live to tell you the joke in your dreams. I hope to live the same dream someday. I like good tasting stuff, so I am willing to carry a little extra weight to make my backpacking food a more enjoyable experience. My 2016 setup was for a nine day/ eight-night early season hunt. Over the years, I have tried hiking back and forth to base camp every day, spiking in for a few days at a time, and hunting with camp on my back. For lunch the past few years I have been bringing along StarKist Tuna Creations in 4.5 oz pouches. Once you have made 10 posts, you will be able to start new threads in the forum. Utah DWR announces 2021 big game recommendations, Using goHUNT Maps species distribution layers for Colorado elk and deer, Wild Game Friday - Ep 6. of filling a tag. The bow thing keeps springing up in my head. These are flavored or plain, and provide some good protein. mind and body while BackCountry hunting. 1 to 1 1/2 lbs of food per person per day. There's nothing worse than trying a food item out and then realizing that it doesn't sit right in your body. 2 – Oatmeal packets with ¼ cup Old Fashioned Oatmeal and dried fruit topping, Trout with butter flakes, lemon pepper, cayenne, spices. First time elk hunter hunting Arizona unit 6A, Unit 60 Elk 4th Rifle Season Nov 13-17 Either Sex 2013. Dont become attached to a pair of smelly boots, plant some poppies in them. I'm a student at ISU and I'm looking for somewhere around here to hunt next season. I ran the stoveless method on an early season solo backcountry archery mule deer hunt in Idaho and I also used this system on an October backcountry rifle mule deer hunt in Colorado. Remember, if you find a boot shell that fits you, buy a new pair when the lugs are worn. You may not have to cross much water or have some tough feet...either way just a suggestion. The less weight I can carry, while still balancing that safety line, the fresher I can be each day. If its a once in a while thing I'm sure there is a place to rent one. Gear List for 11 Day Fall Sheep Hunt . The best part about this breakfast ingredient list is how it allows you to customize the portion size based on your needs. Any success in Unit 14?, by: Dave (MI), "I'm planning on doing a DIY in Unit 14 for 2012...", Bugle in Herd bulls, by Swiltbank Goat Hunts; Moose Hunts; Brown Bear Hunts; What to Expect; Gallery; News; About; Contact; Dall Sheep Hunting Gear List Home Dall Sheep Hunting Gear List. Start off sounding like…, Best Rifle Caliber?, by Buglemup (Superior, MT), "I've been reading what people have been writing about rifle calibers and here is what 16 years of guiding elk has taught me. All good Food, Stove, Fuel, Water filters and tents will be provided. Food is something that I am constantly working to improve for a backcountry hunt. The legend will hold 8 meg of maps which will MORE than cover your hunting area a LOT more. Sheep, I suggest a 270, 7MM, 300 Win Mag, 300 Ultra (160 – 180gr). Vast Alaska ", Travis (WI), "I just wanted to say thank you for your site, and helpful emails!

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