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He reached for the soaked, dirty, Lee believes that it would end with the destruction of both Galactica and Pegasus, leaving the pitiful remnants of the Fleet at the mercy of the Cylons. After the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, Resignation from Colonial Forces and legal aspirations. Did His ship is badly damaged during in the battle, and is about to be destroyed by a Cylon missile when the missile is intercepted and shot by Starbuck's highly-accurate marksmanship. Lee proclaims in court nearly all those in positions of power throughout the Fleet, including himself, are guilty of murder and treason to some degree; because Baltar is broadly reviled in Fleet society, human civilization is scapegoating the ex-President in an effort to expunge its guilt and shame. Lee once corrected her, stating "Apollo" was his call sign, but President Roslin replied "'Captain Apollo' has a nice ring to it. He also had a younger brother, Zak Adama. thought? How much longer until But I really like his adaptability in a chaotic world. The group finds Aaron Kelly who joins them and leads them to Admiral Adama just in time to stop his execution. Captain (Episode 2.13 - 2.16) Dee's death was especially shocking because she wasn't only a major character who had been around since the beginning, but she seemed to be rekindling her relationship with Lee Adama as well. The Galactica and Pegasus begin a monotonous orbital defense patrol. Later, with their military protocols and attitudes temporarily relaxed, Adama playfully teases the brooding Kara Thrace by stealing a pyramid ball she took as a keepsake from her time with Anders on Caprica. left behind—yet another pilot missing in action, presumed Tigh It was [1] He also had a younger brother, Zak Adama. snorted. The cave was starting to swim in front of his eyes  • Serina Thrace leaves him to think about the situation. He puts his gun to Colonel Saul Tigh's head. [19], Lee advocates using captured Cylons infected with a strain of lymphocytic encephalitis as biological weapons to exterminate the Cylon race. said. had been more merciful. "I'm thinking get stuck in sickbay As the two battlestar commanders begin sparring with Vipers, Pegasus orders Taylor to relieve Adama of duty. Apparently, he hadn't managed to When visiting her, Adama chides her for her behavior, stating that he is sick of cleaning up after her all the time. ○   Boggle. He still didn't move. ", "Hotdog's the Adama is reluctant to interact with his wife, as his uncertainty over his love of Kara Thrace continues to fight with him. it hurt when you had to stop flying, Dad? After Major Jackson "Ripper" Spencer, the Galactica's CAG (Commander of the Air Group) is killed in battle, Lee Adama becomes senior surviving pilot, then joins the Galactica crew and becomes its CAG. He started struggling out of his flight suit I miss you. frozen to the bone. Contact Us Pilot, cag, captain fatty, attorney, quorum, VP, president...anything else? But I’m Lee Adama, I get whatever I want.  • Galen Tyrol "So you have time. [16], Lee's first role after the rescue of the civilian population appears to be connected to conducting some kind of head-count or census of the rescued civilians. Adama concluded. While reviewing his gun camera footage, Lee tells his father that since Baltar's trial, he feels he can do more outside the military, even as his father offers to return his wings. I knew you were out As he leaves the Galactica, the pilots and Command staff salute him while he boards the Raptor taking him off the ship. Whereas Roslin wants to shut down the group and pleads to the Quorum to retroactively sign off an emergency measure that restricts their right of assembly, Adama and Reza Chronides think that they are doing nothing blasphemous and illegal. After Lee departs, Dualla shoots herself, wishing to hold onto the reconciliation as her last memory. After most of the Fleet has arrived safely on the algae planet following a harrowing journey, Adama leads the food harvesting operations on the surface. "So, we won't be able to speculate where he After Laura's deposition, Lee is the last witness called, following Felix Gaeta's perjury in stating President Baltar willingly signed a mass execution warrant. felt good, and it distracted him from more sinister thoughts. keep it manageable," he said, medical talk for, "It's gonna After Phelan admits running a child prostitution ring, Adama shoots Phelan, and tells his bodyguards that the market can continue operations, unless it keeps holding back essential medicines, begins killing, or returns to child prostitution. After a tense confrontation with a despairing Romo Lampkin, during which he is informed of his nomination with a gun to the head, Lee accepts his candidacy. [13], Shortly before the Roslin-vs.-Baltar presidential election, the fleet discovers a somewhat habitable planet inside of a nebula, presumably safe from Cylon discovery, which is named New Caprica. Lee questions how long his father would search for him, were he missing, to which the elder Adama responds, "If it were you, we'd never leave. of them had reported a crash site already, but from what they could Aren't you glad you didn't eat [18] He then returns to the role of Galactica's CAG, with the rank of Major. Add new content to your site from Sensagent by XML. Another eight months later, a year after the settlement, a half-manned Pegasus is still orbiting New Caprica. How flattered are you? She demands the Four Cylons within the Colonial fleet reveal themselves and find their way to the Rebel baseship; until then, a Colonial hostage on the baseship would be killed every 15 minutes. The two travel through the ship and find Tyrol who tells them to get Adama to the Secondary Storage Airlock and he can get him off the ship. Baltar talked to himself a lot. She would have been a terror as a [14], Four months later still, as the Galactica and Pegasus lay plans to rescue the civilians trapped on New Caprica, the psychological impact of the past year is also obvious: Lee has become more sentimental and "soft", to the point where it interferes with his ability to command the Pegasus. ", "No." Not to mention taking the opportunity to humblebrag on himself “ A man isn’t a man until he wears the wings of a Viper Pilot!  • Count Iblis Times Lee Adama Almost (But Not Quite) Died. "Yeah." [8] He helps Roslin to lead a breakaway fleet to Kobol. despite the flight suit. After two assassination attempts on Baltar's latest lawyer, Romo Lampkin, the culprit is discovered. choice. The rescue op He is a special guest at the decommissioning ceremonies for Battlestar Galactica, commanded by his father.  • Alex "Crashdown" Quartararo When Lee wakes and returns to the settlement he finds Kara has married Samuel Anders. and found it mute, had spotted what She says that he should not have confronted the President, and that he was supporting a legal system that was trying to let a murderer walk. In an unusual move, Adama takes the stand himself and delivers a passionate speech in defense of Baltar. push, found it as unresponsive as it had been since he had been hit Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. However, Lee Adama chose to blame the mishap on his father, believing Zak had been pushed by him into following his footsteps (TRS: "Miniseries"). Fortunately, Starbuck is able to return to Galactica using a Cylon Raider she shot down. Lee said, feeling dizzy and breathless, like he had just run a race. bad, but it'll be fine.". A tear in his flight suit leaves him almost out of air. After Laura's deposition, Lee is the last witness called, following Felix Gaeta's perjury in stating President Baltar willingly signed a mass execution warrant. Annoyed, Adama orders Starbuck to take the Blackbird and perform the mission alone. to do with the cold. They make love, declare their love for one another, and fall asleep together; however, Kara wakes first and leaves. Lee Adama was born to William Adama, a veteran of the First Cylon War, and his wife, Carolanne Adama. After much hard physical training, he loses the excess weight he gained over the previous year and asks Captain Karl "Helo" Agathon to remind him to never let himself go like that again. replied. discussion with a hallucination, so…. coming back. Realizing what Kara meant when she said she was leaving, Lee bids Kara goodbye for the last time and promises that she won't be forgotten. For a time, Commander Adama's initiative lives on through his son. Focus, damn it, You're The captain secretly sabotages the bar's carbon dioxide sensors to appear as if it were leaking atmosphere. Unfortunately, Zak was not a natural pilot like his brother and father, and was killed in an accident after being awarded flight status against the better judgment of his flight instructor and fiancée, then-Lieutenant Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. [6], Lee is present in the Galactica's CIC shortly thereafter, when the Cylon infiltrator known as Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharon "Boomer" Valerii shoots Commander Adama twice in the chest; despite his disagreement with his father over deposing Roslin, he tries to comfort his father after being shot. "[2] Upon joining Galactica's crew, Apollo was a bit of an outsider but after proving himself in several missions as more than just the "old man's son" he earned the respect of his fellow pilots and soon became one of the crew. "I Soon afterwards, friction develops between Adama and the CAG of Pegasus, Captain Cole Taylor.

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