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Privacy Policy Visit our Facebook page to be updated with our news and to know about new inflatable products for rental and sales for your corporate, event and family events on the South Shore of Montreal, North Shore of Montreal and the island of Montreal. 4.As outdoors promotional tent for event 5.As special sale corner and redemption area . AXION are the market leading inflatable event tents choice for those who wish to draw attention with an impactful and safe outdoor space without any compromises. With our products, you attract the crowd to your installation, every time! Let us convince you of the contrary! This allows them to withstand wear-and-tear, high winds and other inclement weather. LED lighting systems can have a transformative effect on the inside of your event tent, giving your guests a spectacle to remember. You are looking for an event tent to rent? With 6 different standard inflatable tent designs, plus a host of inflatable arch products, we’re sure to have something to meet your needs. A less costly standard version of AXION tent is also available if a FR certificate isn’t required. AXION Easy tents are packed in standard fabric bag (Possibility of upgrade to trolley bag for extra charge.). Simply inflate it by hand or electric pump. First and foremost, our inflatable tents are made with the highest-quality materials to ensure unparalleled, uncompromising durability and performance. Inflatable Tent Inc. and its structures allow your visitors to live an experience enhanced by the magic they bring and their positive impact on the site of your event. inflatable air domes for your advertising success, set up in minutes, high quality, modular expandable. Stay within your budget and get more than one roof for the inflatable structure. We use state-of-the-art digital printers and software to design and manufacture industry-leading event display solutions. Perfect pressurization and continuous pumping is not required. Then, we recommend our 26x13 ft gazebo – the largest in the Mastertent range. Let your imagination run wild and create a stunning presence with an AXION event tent – only available though Inflatable Structures Ltd. Do not be afraid to be spammed. For more information please visit our Axion UK website by clicking here. They definitely all need good-humored guests and event tents to guarantee shelter from sun and rain, wind and weather to maintain the guests’ good mood. Get in touch with us if you are interested in taking a look at some of our past projects or if you are ready to design and order your very own custom branded inflatable tent, Contact Us! Thanks to detachable horizontal beams, our range of AXION tents are one of the safest inflatable lines on the market. We have a wide range of inflatable structures, from small event tents through large event domes and marquees to complex custom built event structures – and they all come with a wide range of options and can be fully branded. Depending on which event you are planning, we provide you with the right size. Good news: Our modular system simplifies the combination of several event tents, to provide even more shelter and; simultaneously, maximum flexibility. Why choose an inflatable tent for your next event? Order) 2 YRS . Deluxe Canopy offers innovative inflatable pop up tents. We are here for you! The event tent design is … customisable to guarantee the best fit for your event. Features. In May 2013, we conducted a series of wind tests to prove the resistance of our AXION tents with outstanding results. Whatever you have planned for your event, our event tents impress, whether you use it as an indoor or outdoor event tent. Call or email us to discuss your event tent requirements, send us your artwork files and we will send you a 3D render of your event tent along with a quotation. Inflatable event tents complete the selection, Tents and events belong together like good mood, sports, and party, Use event tent lighting and sidewalls to make it practicable and stylish. ​​​​​​. NEW – The Axion Easy Budget Event Tent – from just £1295*. Not finding the perfect product from our standard inventory? This is where an inflatable bubble tent or dome tent can help you stand out from the rest of the crowd at a … Tested for up to 100 km/h and certified for 60 km/h, they can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. | Showroom PC-01. The structure is very flexible and will keep those in the tent safe during strong winds. - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2020 AXION inflatable event tents are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes providing from 10 to 125 m2 of floor area. - The blow-up event tents are not only inflatable but also 100% waterproof, fire-resistant and compact in transport. The flexible structure will keep occupants of the tent safe during strong winds, bending and twisting with the wind and then back to its original shape. - Intellectual Property Protection Usually you get some damage at the moment, when you need your tent up. Design your tent now! From design to manufacturing and the final delivery, our team is here for you every step of the way. The inflatable event tents complete our top assortment. offers 3,126 outdoor inflatable dome tent for event products. There are several factors that separates Deluxe Canopy inflatable air tent from other blow-up tent products on the market today. It is a life. At Deluxe Canopy, we offer unique, sophisticated and exclusive custom dome tent. Inflatable tents are also durable and flexible, making them a great choice for inclement weather. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy Please note that the standard delivery time for custom printed tents is approximately 4 to 5 weeks. sealed inflatable event tent using horizontal inflatable beams, an open space triangular inflatable shade, high pressure inflatable event dome inspired by nature, budget friendly basic model of promotional tent. A reserve bladder and repair kit are available for most AXION tents in case of product damage. All sizes of each AXION model can be connected together by tunnel, so a tent village can be created. Fill short form to DOWNLOAD brochure full of AXION products. Coleman 6 Man Fastpitch Air Valdes Tent XL. More over, some sizes of different AXION models can be interconnected by tunnels too. Opting for an AXION tent from the range of designs available including the Lite, Square, Tripod, Hexa, Cube, Spider or Flower allows you to choose from 7 designs that provide a total of 22 different sizes ranging from 11m2 to 125m2. In comparison to the old fashioned inflatable tents with permanent blower, sealed inflatable tents or also so called pneumatic tents are independent of power grid. inflatable tents are among the newest innovations in the portable shelter industry. As we outlined earlier, one of the many advantages of inflatable tents is their ability to be designed in virtually any shape imaginable. Each model and size of the AXION product line can be interconnected using connection tunnels to create a larger or multi room event space. FB-02. Changeable pagoda roofs are also available from our range. Inflatable Water Filled Flood Barrier . © Copyright 2020   |   Inflatable Structures Ltd.   |   All Rights Reserved   |   Design by, Covered Area C (3 x side wall, 3 visor) (m2), Inflatable event tents to suit your needs – 8 different designs providing a total range of 22 sizes, Compact or spacious – from just 11 m2 to as much as 125 m2 floor area, Wind resistance – tested for wind speeds up to 100 kph and certified to 60 kph, Branding – all tents can be fully branded with high quality dye sublimation printing, Rapid setup and dismantle – typical set up time of less than 15 minutes, Sealed construction – inflate once, no continuous fan or power supply required, Modularity – tents can be connected to give a larger area or multi room event space, User serviceable – reserve bladder and repair kit available in case of product damage. Simply inflate the tent with the provided electric pump and you’re ready to go. Firstly, inflatable tents are incredibly easy to set up and great for one-person teams. US $950.00-$1000 / Acre 1 Acre (Min.

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